A Text Adventure
An old-school twist on learning Python spring 2013
The following is a text adveture I wrote as the final project in my first formal couse in computer science. In A Marginally Eventful Friday Night, you assume the role of Nick, a fifth grade kid who comes home to find a surprising birthday gift from his absent parents. Taking design cues from old-school text adventures, the game allows players to progress through the story by typing in commands to explore
new areas, add items to their inventory, and solve the game as a stateful puzzle.
  • Python
  • Eclipse
  • PyDev
The source code is written to run on the Python 2.7 interpeter, and was developed using Eclipse and PyDev. Game data, including commands, item descriptions, and narrative, is stored as JSON. Through this project, I gained my first experience with object-oriented Python development.
Click here to download your own copy of the game & source code.