Meet the Change –
App Concept
Promoting student involvement by bridging connections spring 2013
As part of a semester-long group design challenge, the "Meet the Change" mobile app concept was one of three information design components intended to support
a fictitious UC campus event called "Meet the Change". This event would bring interested college students together with representatives from established community organizations and projects, enabling these students to quickly make connections with causes that were important to them.
Storyboarding for the app (use case for concept)
Introductory app animatic
One of my roles in this project was to create concept designs for an interactive app that would engage students during the event. Users of this app would have access to event information, and be given the ability to track which organizations or causes they had interacted with in person; in order to encourage extended student involvement, users would also have access to an organization's information, such as representative contacts and social links, after the event.
Wireframing sketches
Digital wireframe iterations
Concept development included storyboarding, user task flows, hand-drawn
and digital wireframing, and digital screen mockups. Design priorities included navigability, intuitive organization of content, and a visual presentation that
was in sync with an existing brand aesthetic.
App screen mockups
Device mockups