In Between
Jack Johnson Fans & This Music Player? Definitely Better Together! spring 2013
I completed this project as part of my first interaction design studio, in which students were challenged to design an interactive music player for a specific music artist and album. I chose to create a player to suite Jack Johnson's 2005 album In Between Dreams. In following with Jack's soft, friendly music, my player serves the casual listener, allowing both the uninitiated user and familiar fan to explore the musician's sound and background in a peaceful and unobtrusive setting.
  • Flash CS5
  • ActionScript 3.0
  • Adobe AIR
Preliminary concept sketches and visual explorations led to my development of a pixel-perfect sequence of screen designs, which I refined through user testing. The functional application was built with Flash CS5 and the Adobe AIR runtime, with each player component being driven by an associated ActionScript 3.0 class.

For the especially curious, you can get a copy of the application's source code here (heads-up, it's a ZIP file!).
Early concept sketches and view flows
Initial concept designs (concept A)
Initial concept designs (concept B)
Design revision through paper prototyping
Final mockups ready for Flash
Developing the application with ActionScript 3.0
For a deeper look into the player's design process, please
check out the process book!