An In-Browser Graphics Engine for Condition-Driven Interactivity spring 2014
Fizz is a front-end JavaScript engine for 2D graphics, games and animation that is early in its development. Designed to be used in conjunction with the <canvas> element, Fizz is the result of my own desire to help make game development more approachable for the non-programmer. The library takes multiple design cues from the Adobe Flash display-list rendering model, while providing classes and methods to simplify the writing of games and interactive demos.
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Jasmine 2.0
  • Bower
Simple sprite emitter demo
Some screenshots from the demos
My development process incorporates unit testing with Jasmine, as well as demo writing as I introduce new features. As I write new demos, the syntax tends to become more and more concise, as more of a demo's source is abstracted away by new built-in functionality. In an effort to encourage involvement in the project, as well as to improve my own understanding of open-source development practices, the current codebase has been made available on GitHub (while I refactor it locally).

You should totally go check out the demos!
Test-driven development: It could save your life …
Validating some specs with Jasmine
Fizz is very much still in its infancy (I'm finding difficulty getting the time to develop it during school). I am currently tasked with refactoring the existing classes and feature demos to allow for easier user-end class inheritance.

Near-future additions to the engine might include a DOM-like event model for entity behavior and player input, collision methods, and animated sprite entities.
If the project matures, I'd love to create a site that gets more people programming with the library.