Could information architecture help to conserve energy? spring 2013
Completed as part of my first and only course in motion design and videography, this motion piece illustrates a concept for a residential climate control interface. This particular course assignment asked students to describe 'a moment' to a viewer through no more than 25 seconds of video, with added digital elements.
  • Digital Video Editing
  • After Effects CS5
  • Mocha AE
Vector interface mockups
Interface animation sequence
Early brainstorming sketches
Taking this as an open-ended cue to explore workflows for digital editing, I decided to design and animate a simple user-friendly interface that could be placed in a real-world setting. Vector designs were brought into After Effects for animation, and were integrated with a series of on-site and greenscreen shots.
Stills from the sequence footage
Compositing in After Effects (synchronization, 3d layers, rotoscoping)