Build Order Guide
Delivering time-tested strategies to nerds worldwide summer 2014
In an RTS game like StarCraft, serious players seek to find and practice build orders in order to improve their play. A build order is an ordered series of commands which a player can follow to achieve a particular position or advantage in-game. StarCraft is a real-time strategy game in which two players, each of a given race, manage resources and build armies which they use to defeat each other. Each race offers a different mix of structures, units, and upgrades that define its core play style.

My prototype app, which was created as a short-term project for my Interaction Design II studio course, allows users to browse different build orders, or 'builds',
that experienced players develop and use to win at the game StarCraft II.
  • Xcode 5
  • Objective C
Initial wireframe sketches
Digital styleframes for each application view
My app offers users a selection of semi-current build orders for each race in StarCraft II. Top-level navigation gives the user a choice of race; mid-level navigation provides a list of currently viable build order for that race. Finally, the lowest level of navigation details the steps to a specific build order, and offers tactical context and suggestions for play.
Building out the views in Xcode …
Screenshots from the finished prototype running on iOS 7.1.1
I do not claim ownership of any concept artwork or renderings used within the app. All game assets and logos are property and copyright of Blizzard Entertainment.