part designer.
part programmer;
(and completely in love with the web)
A Little Bit of(work)History
In the information age,
the barriers just aren't there …
If you want to set off and go
develop some grand new thing,
you don't need millions of dollars …
You need enough pizza and Diet
Coke to stick in your refrigerator,
a cheap PC to work on, and the
dedication to go through with it.
We slept on floors … we
waded across rivers.
John Carmack
  • Apple, Inc. summer 2013 & spring 2014 — cupertino, california What Cupertino lacks in sight-seeing it makes up for
    by being home to one of the world's leading innovators in tech — Apple. I spent two semesters with Apple's amazing Developer Relations team, improving the design and functionality of
  • Trailer Park, Inc. fall 2012 — hollywood, california Centered in the heart of Hollywood, opposite the historic Chinese Theatre, stands one of entertainment's leading design agencies. As an intern with Trailer Park Digital, I worked with designers and developers on film sites, online games, and social media campaigns.
  • The Cimarron Group summer 2012 — hollywood, california While Cimarron has since closed its doors, this L.A. agency served as an inviting welcome to the world of professional marketing and digital advertising. Intern- ing with Cimarron's interactive team, I assisted senior designers and producers in completing projects in web, motion, and branding.
Some People I've Helped
Hi there! I'm Michael Zalla.

I'm a senior Interaction Design & Computer Science student at the University of Cincinnati. I study information design, user interaction, and programming. I like writing code and buildings things for people to use. I believe that—with constant effort and relentless curiosity—individuals can become both good designers and good programmers.

I've completed five co-ops in technology and entertainment marketing, and I'm looking to get involved with a company that's making a difference in areas I'm passionate about. I built this site to showcase some recent projects I did for school and for fun!